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Mealtimes Are Happy Times. Not Another Headache.

Mealtimes Are Happy Times. Not Another Headache.

the Yaytray wants to solve a BIG problem parents face at mealtimes
the Yaytray wants to solve a BIG problem parents face at mealtimes

It was on a bright sunny afternoon at a popular café in Singapore, when we first noticed a mother of a young child sitting directly across from us struggling desperately to help her child eat her meal.

Her child was trying to eat from a small bowl, but the bowl kept toppling over, causing a considerable mess on the table. Hence, the young mother had to constantly use her left hand to hold her child’s bowl firmly down on the table to prevent it from toppling any further.

Moreover, once the entire meal was over, it took the mother quite a long while to clean the various utensils for her child, sealing them all in plastic bags, before she was able to leave the cafe.

It all seemed like a very arduous and unpleasant experience for both mother and child.

We wondered if there was a better solution to help families have happier mealtimes?

After doing even more field study, we observed that eating out with young kids tends to generally be a huge challenge for many parents, with most of them facing the same issues the young mother at the café faced, with mess caused by spilled foods and toppling bowls, as well as having to pack up greasy used bowls and utensils into plastic bags before bringing them home after the meal.

We felt we were onto something.

Thus, after interviewing countless parents and coming up with multiple prototypes, and after spending almost a year on research and development, we finally created the Yaytray – the world’s first all-in-one child feeding solution of its kind, specially designed to make mealtimes with kids so much easier and more enjoyable.

We created a little Kickstarter campaign in December 2017 to launch the Yaytray, and we told all our friends about it. To our surprise, the response to the Yaytray was overwhelming and our campaign was fully funded in less than a week!

The Yaytray allows for clean, fuss-free eating, and packs up to go in a matter of seconds. It literally works like magic!

It makes for a great gift too. No more worries about what to get for the next baby birthday party you attend!

Join us in this wonderful journey together in discovering the joys of the Yaytray!

(The full Yaytray product brochure can be downloaded here.)

what's great about it?

what's great about it?

  • leak-proof
  • stable
  • non-slip
  • packs up & ready to go within seconds
  • mix-n-match utensil heads for endless customisation
  • food-safe
  • BPA-free
  • phthalate-free
  • microwave-safe
  • dishwasher-safe
  • reduces unnecessary use of wet wipes & paper napkins
  • ideal for kids from 1 to 4 years old