Yaytray | Singapore's First All-In-One Kids Tray

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Color - Mellow Yellow


Perfect for encouraging self-feeding during the baby weaning phase

  • Certified food safe
  • BPA-free, phthalate-free, heavy-metal free
  • FDA & LFGB approved
  • Full set of utensils included
  • Extremely stable & non-slip
  • Bowl holds up to 620ml
  • Versatile side compartments 
  • Keeps food warm for up to 1 hour
  • Pack up & go within seconds!

and most importantly...KIDS LOVE IT TOO!

Parts: Segmented Bowl with Silicone Lid, 1 Spoon Head, 1 Fork Head, 1 Spork Head, 1 Angled Spoon Head, 1 Small Spoon Head, 1 Knife Head, 2 Regular Handles, 2 Large Handles

Material: Polypropylene (PP), Food-Grade Silicone

Net Weight (does not include packaging weight): 542 grams

Gross Weight (includes packaging weight): 660 grams

Full Packaging Dimensions: 220mm x 200mm x 70mm

Bowl Volume: Can hold up to 620ml

Ideal for kids from 1 to 4 years old

Certified by SGS to be:

- BPA free
- Phthalate free
- Heavy metal free
- FDA approved
- CPSIA approved
- LFGB approved
- EN 71-1 approved
- EU Commission Regulation approved

Full Tray

Expands into a fully functioning food tray.

Amazing Stability

4 points of suction provide strong and steady support - No more stress and constantly monitoring your kids during meal times.

Modular Utensils

Mix-and-match utensil heads and handles, offering endless possibilities of customization. Puzzle-like feature helps develop your kid's motor skills by keeping them busy and entertained.

Insulated Container

Keeps food warm and secure with a premium internal container.

Secure Lock

Locks securely to prevent any food or liquid from spilling no matter the position.

Certified Food Safe

BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and heavy-metal free.


Closed: 19cm x 19cm x 6.5cm

Opened: 37.2cm x 19cm x 6.5cm

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Jaclyn Chua
Yaytray | Singapore's First All-In-One Kids Tray

My 2.5yo absolutely loves his new Yaytray! At first use, he fed himself happily and the tray helps to keep the table clean!

Yaytray | Singapore's First All-In-One Kids Tray

My 2yo loves this. He knows where to get his cutlery and the other side works as special snacks compartment. So it's always something to look forward to for him. Also, the tray opens up like the familiar divided plates used at home which I find it easy to portion and display the food attractively.

Chloe Tan
Yaytray | Singapore's First All-In-One Kids Tray

I have seen many baby feeding ware in the market but this is the first one I've come across that includes ALL the utensils and bowl together. Very convenient since everything is all included in one set. Clever idea!

Yaytray | Singapore's First All-In-One Kids Tray

What I love most is the stickiness of the suction below. I literally have problems pulling it off the table myself. Stable and secure. Great for my kids because they love to push things off the table sometimes.

Yaytray | Singapore's First All-In-One Kids Tray

One of the better children's trays I've seen. Comes in pretty colors and has thoughtful design. User-friendly and highly suitable for kids to use. I would easily recommend this to any parent out there with young kids.