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The world's first all-in-one kids tray
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8 Reasons Why Moms Love The Yaytray!

Completely food-safe

World's first all-in-one kids tray

One tray, many uses!

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i like the extra compartment where i can store my scissors to cut food. Simply love the idea that i don’t need to request any utensils or bowl from the restaurant.

Tze Ling

A super cool, fun and innovative lunch box from Yurica Labs.

Natalie (ThisSweetLife.blog)

The utensils are so useful and easily customisable! Perfectly suited for on-the-go parents.


I am so happy with the Yaytray because its hard to do blw and pack everything together but with the Yaytray, i can just pack her food at in one compartment, utensils in another. Just close everything once she’s done instead of a massive clean up. Really so much easier and i am so grateful!


It is so pretty, almost like unwrapping a present. Such a compact, light, beautiful yet super functional bento box for baby Leia.


The Yaytray is stylishness plus convenience. Perfect for outdoor meal packing.


Yaytray is pretty cool when it includes the plates, bowl and utensils that is all be contained in a handy case. Pretty convenient!