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  1. I love the design of Yaytray! Nikae get excited about it.

    Mummy Influencer
  2. Yaytray is so cool and multifunctional. Charlotte simply loves using it in school.

    Celebrity Child
  3. We just love this product and use it EVERY SINGLE DAY! Each morning i pack my littles a lunch that they eat on the go, it really packs a lot too.

    Content Creator & Blogger
  4. Little one likes it a lot, it is so convenient for mummy!

    Entrepreneur | Mummy of 3 kids | Wife to Harith Iskander
  5. It’s feeding your child with function , and style. I love that it’s comes with a kit of utensils attachments for your kid with different shapes and sizes. Also, it’s BFA-free, phthalate-free.. Hell Yeah!

    Millennial parenting | Fashion | Travel
  6. The utensils are so useful and easily customisable! Perfectly suited for on-the-go parents.

    Influencer Mum
  7. I love this invention so much that I bought it as a gift for a fellow mama as I witnessed her bringing ziplock bags with utensils & bowls in her bag for her toddler’s meal time & it just seems a little too much of a hassle.

    Influencer Mum
  8. Just love enjoying her favourite food, all day everyday in her Yaytray!

    Influencer Mum
  9. We took it to Tokyo and it was a lifesaver on the plane and when we were out & about as it easily just packs up and go! Simply Amazing!

    Mummy of 2, Vogue contributor
  10. So handy if you have a weaning toddler or a fussy eater. Handy travel or eat-out option that keeps everything neat and “contained”

    Entrepreneur Mum
  11. What an ingenious idea, Eli can feed himself with this in future but for now, we pack his lunch in this and bring it out with us.

    Influencer Mum
  12. We love it! Lovely utensil configurations too!

    Celebrity Parents
  13. Gracie loves it! She has decorated it full of glitters. Love the approach of the brand to baby feeding!

    Mummy Influencer | Foodie for children
  14. Simply love how the Yaytray to be so functional and pretty!

    Celebrity | Wife to @thelioncityboy
  15. I love the Yaytray! Its a mealtime success!!

    Celebrity | Cast in Crazy Rich Asian
  16. Simply LOVES~

    An Artiste, Mom to a rascal
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neat ideas. neat life.

The world's first all-in-one eating tray for kids. Perfectly encapsulates every child-feeding need into one simple solution.
The Yaytray allows for clean, fuss-free eating, and packs up to go in a matter of seconds. It literally works like magic!

Product information

All You Need For A Kids' Lunch Box!

With the mix & match utensils, side compartments and integrated bowl, it will be all you need to pack meals for your little one.
All You Need For A Kids' Lunch Box!

Simply Hygienic & Convenient!

We assure food safety when the food mess is contained within the Yaytray. With a leak-proof bowl of more than 400ml, you can pack a variety of food types on-the-go.
Simply Hygienic & Convenient!

Built For Kid's Growing Needs

Drop the hassle of cleaning public loaned kid's utensils. Yaytray does its job to provide the much needed hygiene plus it customises to the growing needs of your child.
Built For Kid's Growing Needs

It Packs A Punch!

We know it looks lovely, portable, neat and functional. Most importantly, it packs a punch. It's unbelievable!
It Packs A Punch!

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