6 Ways To Discipline Your Child Lovingly

6 Ways To Discipline Your Child Lovingly

6 Ways To Discipline Your Child Lovingly

The topic of discipline is one of the most tricky and challenging ones in parenting. It can be really tough as parents especially when children misbehave, throw tantrums, and are generally just rebellious towards everything you ask them to do.

Ultimately as parents, we all love our kids and want the best for them. As such, here are 6 ways in which you can discipline your children with love:

Speak Gently And Do Not Shout

Raising your voice and shouting at your kids is not the best idea as it tends to promote aggression and creates a very tense environment. Besides, if you keep yelling at your kids, after awhile they will start to get used to the yelling and it then becomes ineffective anyway. Always remember to stay calm and speak in a firm but gentle tone. This shows that you are still in control of the situation, and that you are not losing your mind.

Keep Your Composure

This is often much easier said than done, but as children often take their cues from parents, it is important to show that you have good control over your emotions and do not lose your temper or composure easily. It also sets a good example to your kids and encourages them to not lose their own tempers too.

Explain Clearly And Effectively

Always remember to take time to explain to your children when you are disciplining them. Instead of just telling them they should not do this and that, make the effort to explain to them why this may be potentially harmful to them. For example, instead of just saying “Do not run across the road”, explain to them why it is so dangerous for a child to dash across the road and what potential harm it will cause to their own bodies, and what emotional harm it may cause to those who are dear to them.

Be Consistent

Apply your rules of discipline consistently. If you accord certain measures of discipline for certain acts, be sure to always apply them consistently every time your child commits the same act. This is essential so that your discipline is both clear and effective, as it will not confuse your child.

Express Physical Affection

Remember to hug your child when (or after) you discipline them lovingly. Physical affection is crucial in building strong bonds with your children, and this physical expression of love goes a long way in calming them down and giving them the assurance that they are always loved. Other forms of physical affection include patting them and kissing them as well.

Setting A Good Example

There is nothing more powerful than being a good role model for your kids. Children learn best from example, and by showing that you are a self-controlled, composed and disciplined parent yourself, you are setting a powerful example for your kids and they will inevitably learn such traits from seeing you in action.

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